Yeang Primary School


Located 2 hours from Siem Reap City where Yeang Primary School is located, the area is undergoing tremendous change for the past 12 months when the existing pot-holed road built by the French colonials gave way to a modern 4-lane highway lined with high rise poles carrying heavy duty electric cables.

Despite the changes, life at Yeang Primary School remains unchanged. There are still 4 buildings - 2 concrete ones with 7 classrooms and 2 thatched roof ones with 2 classrooms - total 9 classrooms and one library that also serves as the teachers' office.

The school is divided into two sessions - the morning session starts at 7.30 am finishes at 11.00 am and the afternoon session starts at 1.00 pm finishes at 5.00 pm.

The Yeang Primary School offers Year 1st - 6th. There are 386 female students and 713 male students - total 1099 students with age ranging from 6 years old to 15 years old.

For the library it has only lesson books, exercise books, arithmetical books and geography books. They are loan for free to all the students and at the end of the academic year, the books are returned to the library for the next batch of students. Lately volunteer school groups from Singapore helped to supplement a library that another NGO (Room to Read) has set up.

The teachers have expressed an urgent need for exercise books or notebooks, writing materials, uniform, school bags and stationery. This school does not have a sick bay for students or a canteen although a first kit set was donated to the school.

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