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After the Unrest...

Following the occupation of UNTAC peace keeping forces in the early 90s to oversee a fair and peaceful election and comprehensive efforts towards institution-building and social reconstruction designed to secure a lasting end to armed conflict and a genuine transition to democracy, the people of Cambodia finally were able to rebuild normal lives. Families were reunited though many reportedly lost their loved ones to the infamous Killing Fields and the old familiar neighbourhood has much changed since the Khmer Rouge forced residents to move of the cities to the countryside in the 1970s. Starting all over again in one of the poorest nations in the world as a result of years of war and starvation means suffering a long period of painful adjustments. Barely subsistence, many Cambodians today especially those living in the rural areas are still struggling just to survive.

For Cambodians who reside in the rural lands, poverty and farming are the only life they know. Although, poverty also exists in the urban areas, there is immense opportunity for economic growth and power.

Tourism has played an important role in the development of Cambodia. It has brought employment, improvements in infrastructure, training and general education and living standards for many people, and raised the international profile of Cambodia. Many tourists have come to admire our many wonderful monuments built by the ancient Angkor kingdom (9th-15th cen) and fathom the heavy feeling of Cambodia's dark moments at the infamous Toul Sleng Genocide Museum and our many killing fields. Many have also come to help as volunteers in meaningful activities that improve the living standards of communities and give hope to our people especially our children that there is a better future ahead. To them we are very thankful and will always feel indebted for their generosity and kindness. But there are still lots to be done as Cambodia starts to embrace development in its stride to meet global challenges. Inspired by volunteers who came to visit and serve the poor in Cambodia, the Learning Journeys (Cambodia) Foundation was set up to improve the lives of rural Cambodia. Managed by local Khmers, project funds are 100% invested to the community.

Learning Journeys (Cambodia) Foundation aims:

  • • To improve the standard of living of rural Cambodia leading to better access to education, clean water and basic healthcare

  • • To promote formal and informal education of young people from rural Cambodia by providing educational materials, teaching equipment and improvement of infrastructure

  • • To develop programmes within communities to live in harmony with nature and the environment, bringing forth a better quality of life

  • • To enhance and work in community development and income generation projects in close collaboration with NGOs, both local and overseas, and governmental and international agencies to achieve sustainable community self reliance

  • • To promote and preserve the local cultures, customs and rituals of the community and the nation

  • • To promote cooperation with volunteer groups and charitable organizations in community development and promotion of better understanding with fellow citizens, both in Cambodia and abroad

"Ultimately our people must learn to embrace self sufficiency from the aid we receive from the outside".

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